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Cerabella 1862 Lavender Reed Diffuser Mikado

Cerabella 1862 Lavender Reed Diffuser Mikado


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Lavender from the new Botanics range transports us to the fresh Mediterranean breezes.

Blooming lavender, also known as “blue gold” – brings calm and serenity into your rooms.

Lavender is particularly known for its calming and slightly antidepressant effects.

Treat yourself to a break, drop everything and enjoy the feeling that this fragrance spreads in your home!

  • 100 ml
  • 8 reed sticks
  • water, alcohol, natural essences

CERABELLA 1862 is the oldest candle manufactury from Spain. Handmade in Barcelona since 1862. Nowadays the company is based in Barcelona and Miami – running by the same family . Using natural materials and fragrances from master perfumers, Cerabella set new standards of craftmanship in making decorative candles 150 YEARS OF PASSION AND RESEARCH HAVE TURNED CANDLEMAKING INTO A WORK THAT CHALLENGES THE URGENCES OF TIMES


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