Cereria Molla 1899 Velvet Wood Reed Diffuser

Cereria Molla 1899 Velvet Wood Reed Diffuser – explosive and deep


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Velvet Wood is a fragrance with ” explosive and deep ” characters.

Velvet Wood is a explosive combination of spicy and aromatic notes where spices fuse with lavender to achieve an extreme and deep mixture.

The tobacco contributes masculinity to the composition.

Vanilla smoothes the base notes of tobacco and add a comfortable aspect to the fragrance.

  • 100 ml bottle – last around more than 8 weeks
  • 5,5 x 5,5 x 8cm

This box contains a kit of high quality room fragrance with rattan reeds & glass.

Based on your personal demands, you can use one, ore more rods to increase the intensity.
This reed diffusors are very long-lasting, without leaving the intensity


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