Country Candle Company Club House reed diffuser


Country Candle Company Club House reed diffuser – lay back!

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A relaxing fragrance that opens with the delicate aroma of powdery rose petals that dry to reveal a warm spiced heart.

At its core a blend of cosy amber, intoxicating lily and exotic patchouli linger before coming to rest on soft pillow of vanilla musk drizzled with rich caramel and encased in creamy sandalwood.

  • 100 ml bottle – last around more than 8 – 12 weeks
  • 55mm  x 55 mm x 200 mm

This box contains a kit of high quality room fragrance with rattan reeds & glass.

Based on your personal demands, you can use one, ore more rods to increase the intensity.
This reed diffusors are very long-lasting, without leaving the intensity


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