Lily Flame Mini Girly Set


Lily Flame Mini Girly Set – perfect little presents

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Now these wonderful candles are availabe in Mini Tins as gift set! This set contains:

  • 1 Mini Tin Fairy Dust
  • 1 Mini Tin Blush
  • 1 Mini Tin Dolly Rocker XXX

Size: 5 x 5,5 cm
Burntime ca. 20 hours

Fairy Dust: Invisible & True!
Of all our candles, this is our most popular.
A difficult scent to describe; based on a fine fragrance, It’s Powdery, Warm, Sparkly and Magical. In short- Fairy Dust!The absolutely most popular candle of Lily-Flame !
Reactions of my customers: ” Oh no, I have to have it ” !

Blush: Blush! The first kiss of a night, the first love…………….. a  delicate floral aroma with a touch of powder and clean glamour.
One of the decadent scents of Lily Flame.
Some clients says it smells similar with ” Angel ” by Thierry Mugler.

A delicious scent that you can take anywhere, this candle in a tin smells divine.
Pretty pink packaging, especially for the girls.

Dolly Rocker: A lovely perfumed fragrance, deep but not heavy. Very sensual and utterly gorgeous.
The scent is based on a fine ladies fragrance suitable for the evening,  the label is pink with red.


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