My Flame World Wonders Champagne candle

My Flame World Wonders Champagne candle


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This candle from the World Wonders collection belongs to the continent Europe and its scent is based on the french Champagne.

The scent is described as a feeling and it fills your room, you’ll feel like you are at this gorgeous UNESCO World Heritage site. Enjoy your destination.

This scent is carefully developed  in collaboration with a renowned France perfume house. It’s made of the best quality essential oils and aroma’s.

The scent Champagne is described as followed:

Drive over the hills and winding roads, surrounded by vineyards as far as the eye can see. While you make a pit stop at an authentic Champagne house for a tasting, the French ‘joie de vivre’ and passion for their beautiful sparkling wine captures your spirit.

A wonderful, sparkling and authentic fragrance!

Notes: Jasmine • Mimosa • Amber

Size: 80 x 85 mm

Burning hours: ca. 50, 230 g

Organic candles

RTRS (Roundtable for Responsible Soy)

45% longer burn time

My Flame Lifestyle was born in 2012 when they fall in love with soy candles.

These biological candles have better burning qualities than paraffin candles, it’s more sustainable for both the environment, your home and yourself.



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