Traumduft oil Stone Pine

Traumduft oil stone pine – relaxing and soothing


This pure nature fragrance oil contains the scent “Zirbelkiefer”, a relaxing and soothing fragrance.

This is 100 % pure nature oil!

The oil of stone pine has a deep, spicy and woody fragrance. You have immediately a very pleasant and liberating feeling.

Stone pine has many good qualities, it promotes a healthy sleep and has an antibacterial and expectorant effect.

For this reason, furniture for the bedroom are made of this wood.

It works against unpleasant odors and has the advantage that moths do not like it!

These scented oils are very authentic, pure and clean.

Put a few drops on the bonehead, the oil draws in and you can use it completely as diffuser.
with a special child-proof lock.

Size: 10 ml
129,00 €/100 ml


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