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DER LACK Innere Kraft nail polish

DER LACK Innere Kraft nail polish


INNERE KRAFT has a delicate mother-of-pearl pink tone, that gives your nails an beautiful elegance.

A favorite and absolute must have for young and old, for every occasion and every season.

DER LACK Bio Source nail polish comes in a practical 5ml mini bottle.

100% Made in Germany – 100% vegan and with a water-permeable and breathable formula.

More than 80% natural ingredients (including renewable resources). 14-free, unpackaged to reduce waste and free from guanine (fish scales).

DER LACK was developed with a local laboratory team and comes with of over 80% natural ingredients! The water vapor permeable, breathable base allows the premium mini paints to last optimally and for a long time. This texture allows the nails to maintain their natural renewal cycle


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