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Olive & Moi liquid soap shower gel Noix de Coco Coconut

Olive & Moi liquid soap shower gel Noix de Coco Coconut


The delicious and gentle fragrance of coconut, designed by the best perfumers of Grasse, promises an exotic- face, body and hand wash.

Made with 85% organic extra virgin olive oil and 15% organic virgin coconut oil, this liquid soap is the result of a cold saponification process that preserves all the beneficial properties of the oils.

The simple composition and the quality of the organic olive and coconut oils used make it an exceptional product for daily use. Suitable for all skin types.

The combination of olive and coconut oils results in an extremely delicate soap, which at the same time forms a pleasant lather.

By using 99% natural products, this eco-friendly soap guarantees all the pleasures of an ecological shower.

INCI: aqua (water), olea europaea (olive) fruit oil, cocos nucifera oil, potassium hydroxyde, parfum (fragrance), sodium chloride, coumarin*

*from coconut fragrance

These very high quality soaps are made In the soap factory in the region of Lyon, France.

The used extra virgin organic olive oil ensures that these liquid soaps feel very soft on the skin and do not dry out.

500 ml

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