Théophile Berthon pure organic Argan Oil

Théophile Berthon 100 % pure organic Argan Oil


Our argan oil is simply called Pure…

It is made of one and only ingredient: argan oil.
Nothing added or mixed in, just pure and organic*.

Argan oil comes from the argan tree.
It is used in cosmetics for its exceptional properties: face, body, massage, hand and nail care, haircare.

When you come out of a bath or the shower, massage the skin and face with argan oil. Literally bathe in it!

If your skin is very dry, apply argan oil 30 minutes before taking your shower and let it be absorbed by the skin! Then, get in the shower of sink in a bath and relax

Argan oil is essential because:
• Its richness in vitamin E gives it excellent antioxidant properties to fight against aging.
• It has a lot of unsaponifiable that give it reconstructing properties.

argan oil is the only oil to have both properties to reconstruct and be antioxidant.
Its richness in vitamin E gives it excellent antioxidant properties to fight against aging.


Highly concentrated formula, Free of water, any other oil, any additives, simply pure and organic.
100% Natural and 100% organic argan oil

1.014 fl oz glass bottle and its counts drop pipette.

Théophile Berthon was founded in 1867 in the heart of Provence.

The products are made with highest quality standards, authentic, pure and award winning.

They strictly don’t use Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) because the company has recognized the harmful effects of this substance very early.

All products are made of mimimum 95 % pure natural ingredients.

  • 100 & Made in France.
  • dermatologically testet
  • 0 % Animals test – Animal fat
  • 0 % Sodium Laureth Sulfate
  • 0 % Phenoxyethanol
  • 0 & Synthetic Colouring
  • 0 % Chlorphenesin
  • 0 % Phtalate
  • 0 % Silicone
  • 0 % DMDM


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